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Monday, November 22, 2010

Post-Weekend Musings

A nice weekend. Relaxed with my best friend and got to hang out with some of our new friends. Shopped at the mall (I'm on the hunt for the perfect red high heels...stay tuned!) Ate some mexican. Listened to a great message at church this morning. Watched the Pats win again today. Took a few long naps.

I had one "I'm really grumpy and don't know why, oh wait it's cause I'm ginormously pregnant and want to be done" episode. It wasn't pretty. Luckily, my husband is patient and thoughtful and instead of telling me to quit my griping and look at the light at the end of the tunnel, he played some funny country songs on his iPod that remind us of our really-into-country-phase when we first got married...and made me dance around the kitchen with him. Which, while always annoying me at first, always gets me laughing and falling more in love with him by the end. Kudos, kudos to my man! He takes good care of me...though I have yet to cash in on the foot-rub he promised. I'll have to get on that.

Lily is really precious lately. She does "tricks" for us...like "touch your belly, touch your nose, where are your piggie toes?" and she only *sometimes* touches her ears instead of her nose ;o) When I tell her I love her she sometimes rewards me by sending a *smooch* my way.

Oh, and she's getting awfully independent, which is cute but possibly indicates many not so cute moments to come. For example...we were taking a walk and I noticed her sippy cup was tipped on it's side on her stroller tray. So I reached down and fixed it for her so it would stop spilling. And the little booger reached right over and tipped it very carefully back on it's side. *Apparently* that's how she wanted it! ;o)

I think she had a falling out with her bunny and blankie, as she has banished them to the opposite end of the crib that she prefers to sleep on. I know this to be true, because I put her down in her favorite end of the crib and put bunny and blankie with her, to experiment. Then I left but turned around to peek through the door. She fussed and griped until she had taken bunny and blankie back to their end of the crib, put the blankie over bunny, and crawled back to her end of the crib...where she promptly breathed a happy sigh, laid her sweet little head down, and plopped her fingers in her mouth. Weirdo. (I wonder what bunny did to be banished?) :o)

Hurricane season is over! :o) I'm glad it was uneventful. And now we can eat the cans of soup and the pretzel crackers and the pudding and the granola bars. Perfect timing, if you ask me, since I'm no longer motivated to cook, which is what happens after cooking a baby so long. Even when cooking is your hobby and you love it...there just comes a point when you don't want to anymore. So you buy frozen pizza and salmon that's easy to cook up fast. And you hope you have a baby soon so that you can start eating that food in the freezer! :o) The end.


  1. Hahaha- I csn just picture the two of you promenading around the kitchen!

    The banishment of bunny and blankie, ummmm that's really interesting. And the tipped over cup- she seems kind of young for that sort of sophisticated display of independence. :)

    Just a few more days, Jess - you can do it. Sam's almost done...

    love you

  2. You are right...she is almost done! I can't wait to meet her! And love you, too!