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Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunny Windows

I was telling Jesse the other day that I just love how sunny it is here. All. The. Time. It's so rare for it to be cloudy! I know that they have their seasons just like we do up north...when we first moved in August, for example, there was a thunderstorm at least once a day. But still usually sunny at some point! I almost forget that in NY it's overcast so much of the fall/winter...something that never really *bothered* me per se, though I know it's hard on some. Here, it's so different! And I just love this window...it's my favorite. (I battled and won when Jesse wanted to experiment with putting one of the couches in front of it!) This is the view from my favorite seat in the living room. This is where I sit to read. I like that it now includes a view of all three of our bookshelves...we moved the big one out of the corner by the couch to make room for LJ's pack n play...which will be her "stay out of shenanigans for five minutes" place to toss her in the likely event that I need to nurse, burp, change, or put her sister to bed upstairs (and there are no other adult eyes around to watch her).

(Side note: I think I want the Christmas tree to go there, though, so I need to figure out another place for the pack n play already! I saw a sign that says the trees come this weekend and I'm still working on convincing him, but I'm pretty sure Jesse sees the wisdom is grabbing one "fresh" off the truck...since we can't cut one down this year...sniff sniff.)

And this is the view from my side of the bed in our room. I'm working on humility so I resisted the urge to make the bed and pick up the clothes for you! ;o) Needless to say, it's another bright, sunshine-y, Mississippi morning. I got to sleep in till 8:30 (which makes me feel a little lazy, but I know my times of sleeping in are running out ;o) so I'm trying to embrace it!) and Jesse left about half an hour ago for PT. Miss Lily is STILL sleeping (I haven't heard one single peep from her since 7:15 last night...she was up late a few nights this weekend...must be catching up on her beauty sleep!) so I'm just enjoying the quiet house and the sunshine coming in. Drinking my coffee and thinking about the day...which will probably be filled with playing with my girl, taking a walk, enjoying having Jess home during the day, resting/napping, and maybe doing some reading tonight while Jesse is at school.


  1. You could put the tree in front of the sunny window (although I personally prefer to have it in a corner) . . . or put LJ's pack-n-play in front of the window since that will be a more centrally located place for her to see you when you are busy! Have fun during with Jesse home during the day - - at least while it lasts! btw - when he takes his 2 weeks off and goes to the 'new' class, will his grades up to this point transfer? I'm wondering how that will affect his class standing . . . and therefore how it will affect his next assignment. Also, do you know a date for when he will finish tech school?

  2. As far as I know, his grades transfer to the next class...though there may be more smarty-pants in that class so he may not be second anymore. But like I told you, he may get to choose soon...before Sam comes and before paternity leave starts. And we'll know his exact graduation date when we know which class he's assigned to next.

  3. You can put your tree beside the window, so you can still enjoy your favorite spot. And your windows are kinda bare. I think it's better if you add window treatments in there. Or maybe you can make them bigger, so you can enjoy the view even more. =)

    1. I agree with Raphael's idea. I hope you put the tree beside the window. It's only a matter of days before Christmas. It wouldn't be bad if you had it as your Christmas tree, you know. :)