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Thursday, November 18, 2010


So I was thinking the other day that my "Air Force" blog has morphed more into a "What are Jessica and Lily doing now?" blog...which is okay, I guess...just funny to me. And the only reason I don't blab on and on about what Jesse's doing is that he's *pretty* much doing the same thing every day: getting up early, going to school, coming home late, falling asleep early. Nothing too eventful. (Except that he's #2 in his class - WOOT!)

Apparently God knew I wanted something interesting and Air-Force-y to blog about :o) because Jess came home last night with "good news and bad news".

Good news: his class is moving to the "T-shift" on Monday.

Bad news: he is excited about this, but because he'll be taking leave when Sam comes, won't get to enjoy it very long.

T-shift: Jesse will go to the base for PT on M,T,Th at 9am. Then he'll be "off duty" till he goes back in for school from 3pm till 12am. It's like the night shift, basically. The reason they're going to this weird shift is because they're getting a new instructor, and for whatever reason (instructor preference, lack of classrooms available during the day, I'm not really sure, etc.) this stage of classes will be on the T-shift.

In my opinion, here's the good and bad of the T-shift. Good: Jesse gets more time at home, primarily because he'll be off Rope duties. He'll also be home more when LJ's awake. And it'll just be something interesting to shake things up. Bad: I'll be home alone every night and be in bed by the time he gets home. This is really the only thing I don't like about it, actually. It will be weird to adjust to.

There was talk about him being on the T-shift (for trivia purposes, the shift he's currently on during the day is called the S-shift, and no, I have no clue why!) before and he was really excited to try it. But they didn't. So that's why he's a little disappointed that they are now, because when he comes back from "maternity leave" he'll be washed back into a different class...which probably won't be on the T-shift, cause it's rare.

SO to summarize: Monday Jesse starts the T-shift with a new instructor. Tuesday I have another doctor's appointment. At any point I could be having a baby. Thursday is Turkey Day, but I am absolutely not cooking a turkey. Maybe a pie, but not a turkey :o) Friday Jesse has off. Saturday is my due date.

The fact that Jesse is on the T-shift is temporary. He gets to enjoy it while it lasts...till Sam comes.

Whenever SJ decides to be born, Jesse will take two weeks off. Then go back to school for however long till his holiday time off. And then my family will be coming!

And then it will be the end of the year!

Talk about craziness! :o)


  1. oops! I read the title to this post as t-shirt! LOL!

  2. Your Mom won't let me ride in her suitcase. Well, she is not bringing one she said. Wait, if I pay the $50 for a check in, could I go then? ;)

  3. I (for one) need and appreciate the blog and your point of view of this adventure - it's not like Jesse has time to update about the Air Force side of the adventure! I admit, I check every day and love it even if you just post a quick glimpse of what's cooking!

    Nicole - sorry but you can't come no matter what! I love you but not that much!!!!

  4. Mom, I love you :o)

    Nicole, Cassie's coming in January...maybe you can try her! ;o)