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Friday, November 19, 2010


Today I am bored. This is what happens when you're 39 weeks with nothing to do. Just waiting for those dang contractions to start...

Today I have nothing really to blog about. This post should be interesting. Rambling. Possibly long. My Brother hates my long posts. But my Mommy loves them (Hi Mommy!).

Today I wish I had gone to see Harry Potter last night. But I would have been going by myself. That would have been weird. To be out with all the HP crazies alone. I want to go this weekend, but I don't think we'll have a sitter. Phooey.

Today I think I might make some more banana-flax muffins because the batch I made yesterday was yummy. And healthy. And high in Omega-3's. And fiber. And I'm bored, as previously stated. And I think I can squeeze oooooone more thing in the freezer!

Today started a lot better than yesterday. Yesterday started with panic and mayhem, as Jesse woke up at 5:25am instead of 4:10am. He's supposed to be at the squadron at 5:10am. It was one of those mornings where my alarm definitely went off. Definitely. I remember. But that's all I remember. (And my alarm is the backup so I don't know WHAT happened to Jesse's!) Oh, and the guys didn't call him till they were almost ready to march to school...cause they thought I was in labor or something. LOL. He's never ever been late. Always 15 minutes early. And they thought he would be completely unaccounted for and not call just cause I was in labor. Guys are funny. They also thought Jesse and I would not want to hang out tonight cause of "my condition." They were super wrong...cause this soon-to-be-mom-of-two is BORED and can't wait to go out tonight...so long as I'm not in labor. Which is the case right now.

Today I'm trying to decide if I want to start reading New Moon. I've already seen the movie, but I want to read both New Moon and Eclipse before I watch Eclipse. I'm a little behind the Twilight times here, but that's how I roll. Bethanne loaned me the book awhile ago but I was trying to finish up a few others before SJ came. And now I'm not reading anything. So I feel like starting a book. I guess there's no harm in starting it, cause if I don't finish it (cause I'm taking care of two babies or something) for awhile it's no biggie...I can just return it to her. Or steal it from her.

Today I'm contemplating Thanksgiving menu ideas. I want to do something traditional...so I'm going to bake a pie. I'm thinking this pecan pie, which is actually not traditional for me at all...since I've never even had pecan pie (that I can recall). But it's traditional for a lot of people. And it seems southern. And delicious. And I already have almost all of the ingredients on hand. I'm also going to make this hard sauce because it sounds awesome. I still can't figure out why it's called hard sauce...is it cause of the hard liquor or the fact that it gets hard in the fridge? Thoughts? Other than pie...I really don't know what we should eat. My motivation to cook is waning for sure...especially with the two weeks worth of food in the freezer. Maybe I'll just defrost something. Maybe we'll eat frozen pizza and pecan pie. And be thankful :o) (Or maybe I'll get to experience hospital Thanksgiving food. Mmmmmm gross.)

Today, while I was cooking breakfast, Lillian went over to her books without any prompting from me and "read" all by herself for awhile. I love watching her grow up. And I love it when I can actually snag a candid shot of her. It's mighty tricky!

Today she also crawled excitedly over to the pantry, which was closed, and looked at me/babbled at me to open it...cause she's a smarty pants and knows her toys are in there. Look at that belly! And I don't know what's up with the tongue.

Today I wrapped a few Christmas presents because Jesse's a lot less likely to discover their contents if I craftily wrap them AND hide them. So I got a delivery, opened them up, and wrapped those suckers!

Today I'm really thankful that it's Friday. We've planned a pretty rip-roarin' weekend of fun hanging out. Also some eating out, which means less cooking! ;o) And so I'll probably hardly notice if I don't have Sam. Except that I'll still have a watermelon-belly at the end of the weekend. But next week will be fast and fun cause Jesse only goes in three days! And then it's my due date and something fun is BOUND TO HAPPEN SOON! :o)

But not today.


  1. Sorry you are bored - - and tell your brother to stick it in his ear and go write his own (short) blog post if he doesn't like yours! 31 days, my love - - that's pretty much one month! And before that you will have a baby born and will be so sleep deprived that you won't know which end is up! I love you - forever!

  2. Wow that's not long at all! YAY! Wrapping Christmas presents today got me very excited! (They weren't *all* for Jesse!)