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Monday, November 29, 2010

Who's the Fairest of Them All?

Jesse's on his way to an interview for Airman of the Month. There are two stages of this here "friendly competition"...in this first one, he's competing for Airman of the Month for his squadron. If he gets it, then he'll go in on December 15th before a board to compete for Airman of the Month for the whole Training Group. (Against all the other squadron's reps.)

It's quite an accomplishment to even get Airman of the Month for your squadron (you get a coin and all that) but it's definitely a cool thing to win overall. Obviously he's hoping to go all the way.

So Lily's morning nap was filled with us scurrying around trying to get him all spic and span. I starched and ironed the crap out of his blues :o) and he gave himself a good haircut and shave.

He got some new shiny shoes that you don't have to shine yourself...which is kind of cheating but all the cool kids are doing it these days! :o) No really, they sell them on the base...it's totally legit to get them! And they look reeeeeally shiny!

He's been studying all weekend for this. They'll ask him all sorts of questions...ranging from details of Air Force protocol and etiquette, regulations for how to display and care for the flag, different types of regulation flags allowed for certain circumstances, details of the dress code, and all sorts of other random info that I think is silly to have to memorize :o) but I'm not in charge...

He'll be graded on his appearance, military bearing, qualifications (being a Rope and a good student contribute to that all around well balanced Airman thing), and how well he answers the questions.

Stay tuned to see how it goes!

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