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Monday, November 29, 2010

Lesson #1: Take One for the Team

Raise your hand if you remember Air Force Wife Lesson #1!

I'll give it to ya: Deal with it darlin'. Nobody cares. Take one for the team and quit your whining ;o)

This is what I was remembering as I dealt with the aftermath of the morning rush today.

This is also what I was remembering when Jesse called to inform me that they'd had to reschedule the interview at the last minute! :o) Oy veh!!!

All that starching and ironing and hair cutting and shiny shoe buying gone to waste!

Okay, okay, so the morning wasn't a complete waste. He needed a haircut anyways (though, he usually cleans up after himself when he's not rushing) and he always shaves before work. He always has to wear Blues on Mondays, so I would have been ironing anyways (though not as carefully). And we've been talking about buying the shiny shoes for awhile. Tomorrow (for the reschedule) he'll be in his ABUs so there won't be as much prep work. And his hair is all ready to go, too!

The biggest beef I have with all this is that he went in over an hour earlier than he needed to just to cool his heels. Plus we spent the only time we had together all day tag-teaming the get-spiffy process. And now he's gotta go in early tomorrow! Sheesh!

But I'm not whining, cause I remember Air Force Wife Lesson #1 ;o)


  1. My hand is up - - I remember Air Force Wife Lesson #1 - - but I'm cheering for Jesse all the way to "Airman of the Month!" Go Jesse Go - that's SO COOOOOL! We're all so proud of you! (okay, so that's probably not the 'cool' way to cheer for him, but he'll have to deal with it!)

  2. My guess is Jesse would feel that there is no "cool" way to cheer for someone...but who cares! I'm cheering, too! :o) He's my hero!