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Monday, December 13, 2010

Did You Know?

Did you know that if you leave your kid in her jammies all day you have less laundry to do? :o)

Did you know that LJ loves to "go ni-night" on all the couch pillows?

Did you know she thinks she's big enough to climb on things? She can almost get her foot up on the side of the bathtub...which she ties to do if I start the water and don't get her in fast enough!

Did you know she does this all the time now? Who knows why? :o)

Did you know she doesn't babble yet? She keeps her mouth closed while "talking"...it's very strange. And it makes me feel like she's whining at me all day...which she kind of is. Weirdo.

Did you know she's getting very used to playing with Daddy? He goes back to work on Thursday. But then Aunt Bethany comes Saturday, and then the rest of the Rawleighs Tuesday, and then Daddy's off again on Wednesday! YAY!

Did you know we just love our Daddy?

Did you know that Daddy's are a lot more fun to play with than Mommies? ;o)


  1. Daddys are WAY more fun than mommys, and I like that JUST fine!! It gives me time to make dinner and clean without a "special helper".