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Monday, December 13, 2010

Edible Crayons

Going out for breakfast the other day reminded us of how once, when we went to a *certain* restaurant that shall remain nameless (coughIHOPcough) we had an interesting conversation about crayons...

Waitress: Would you like crayons for your daughter to color with?

Me: Oh, no thank you. She's still at the stage where everything goes in her mouth.

Waitress: Oh, that's okay - they make em non-toxic!

*Awkward silence*

Me: No, that's okay...thanks, though.

She walked away and I looked at Jesse to confirm...she was indeed serious that eating non-toxic crayons was "okay". And we just busted up laughing!

And every time we go to this restaurant and get asked about the crayons we still laugh.

Though, now that I think of it, Lily doesn't try to eat everything she touches now. She still seems a bit young, but perhaps we'll give the crayons a try next time! ;o)

Hopefully not a taste, though!

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