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Friday, December 24, 2010

Funny Story

SO I took Mom and Dad to the BX to knock out some Christmas shopping yesterday. And they wanted me to pick out something nice for myself (because they didn't like that most of my Christmas list was made up of kitchen items...what?? It's my new favorite hobby, I can't help it!)

WELL I happened on a lovely bubble vest and remembered that I wanted one of those suckers! So we got one!

THEN I was telling Jesse the tale...and at the end, he sighs and says, "I have to go shopping again tomorrow." Guess what Jesse had gotten me that very same day? :o) Poor chap. He's at the mall right now...returning and possibly exchanging my *other* bubble vest! (Because they made me model both and we all decided that the one he picked out was better than the one I chose!)


And Merry Christmas Eve!!!


  1. How awesome that he knew you so well and also picked out one that looked better than the other! :] So cute.