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Friday, December 31, 2010

Gators in the Swamp Go Chomp Chomp Chomp

Yesterday Dad and Stephanie went "alligator hunting" to see if they could find any gators over by the water.  (Remember, where the washing machine guy told me you could find them in the winter on sunny days?) 

But they had no luck. 

Until this morning when Stephanie looked out Lily's bedroom window. 

 Here you have the view from the window.
See that log?
It's not a log.
No kidding!!!
I'm gonna have some scary dreams tonight, let me tell you what!

Just kidding, I'm not really that scared.  Though you aren't going to catch me going over there.  EVER.  And no, my kids were not with my husband and Dad and siblings when they drove over to get better pictures.  They were sleeping safe and sound in the house.  Where they will be staying for the rest of our time here ;o)  
Well, you'll definitely never find them being "children at play" anywhere near this sign any time soon.
And THIS is why!

*This crazy experience is brought to you by our Air Force Adventure :o)  I never thought I'd live where you could see these suckers from your upstairs window.  Nor, when I found out I *did* live in such a place, did I think that they would be THIS big!!!*

**Post title brought to you by the squadron chant from the 334th Training Squadron**


  1. totally crazy!!!!!

  2. OH . . . the alligator is my friend! YOUR kids can totally sing that song at camp!

  3. That was so cool! At a distance of course.

  4. Sarah - I couldn't agree more! :o)

    Dad - I'm glad you guys came home safe and sound!