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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Air Force Wife Lesson #2: Get Used to Goodbyes

Lesson #2 - Get used to goodbyes.  They happen a lot.  And always sooner than you want them to.

I guess the other side of this lesson is to learn to treasure the time you have with people.  Like your family when they visit. Or your new friend that you know you'll possibly never see again after you move in two months.

Throughout the course of our Air Force Adventure, we're going to meet lots of cool people.  That's awesome!  But we're also going to move around a lot... so handling goodbyes well is going to become a must.

And being far from family will never get any easier.

 Okay I'm off to go cry cause my family is back in New York.

Thanks for everything Dad, Mom, Brother, Bethany, and Steph.  I miss you already.  I'm glad you got home safe.  I'm sad that Jesse and I have to change all the diapers on our own now.  And I have to do my own dishes! ;o)

Love y'all.


  1. *sob*
    This Air Force Gramma dislikes lesson #2!

  2. Don't cry...think of it as Air Force Grandma Lesson #1! :o) Love you.