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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Moby Time

Sam spends a lot more time in the moby wrap than Lily did.

It's the only way I can have my hands free to take care of Big Baby while Little Baby is awake...though she usually falls asleep pretty fast.

It's a *little* big of a hassle when she wants to be looking into my face while I'm, say, trying to prep something for dinner.

She can't hold her wobbly little head up, after all. So I lose a free hand...or I have to tuck her head in...

But she doesn't seem to mind one bit! :o)


  1. Titus did the same thing with leaning back to look up at me...any everything else! Haha! Love the pictures!

  2. They are two content little girls - LJs crooked little smile cracks me up everytime i see it.

  3. So beautiful mama! How happy are you?!? I hope very!!

  4. Cute pics. I never did get a moby made. Oh well. There's always next time. Not.