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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Helper

Lily's new favorite job is rocking Baby Sissy in her car seat.

Here they are after we got home from showing Aunt Bethany around the base and doing a little shopping yesterday.

Lily takes her job very seriously. She's even been spotted rocking the empty car seat! ;o)


  1. I love that you continue to take pictures rather than care for SJ. lol Mother of the year award! :P And LJ is so cute. Tasha "helped" Allie yesterday by giving her a toy. She even was putting it in her mouth to teach her how to suck on it. Did I mention the "toy" was a plastic bag?! Yeah. Not that I did very often, but now I am NEVER leaving Allie alone again.

  2. haha to Nicole's comment: I love that she comments about your lack of tending to little SJ as she then goes on to state how her daughter was offered a plastic bag as a toy! Beautiful. :] you guys are running neck and neck for the award ;] I love how LJ looks so content.

  3. Well... I didn't let her continue to play with it. That counts for something, right? ;)

  4. lol...I think I should nominate myself for Mother of the Year award! I came home yesterday after finishing Christmas shopping and was hurrying to wrap Alan's present before he got home. Katie was laying on the floor next to me while I proceeded to wrap the present, and I looked over and noticed her stuffing a huge wad of tissue paper into her mouth. The scissors were also dangerously close to her other hand. Needless to say, I removed her from the situation!

  5. Nicole G! I can totally relate to that story because Bethany and I were wrapping presents yesterday and we were distracting Lily with a ball of ribbon...yeah...the kind that's a strangulation hazard!

    Oh Nicole J...you make me laugh! :o)