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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Together At Last

The Rawleighs are all here. I missed them. I'm so glad to have em for the next ten days!

My brain is fried from just finishing menu planning and grocery list-making with Mom, so pardon this random blog post :o) Also Mom and Bethany are still sitting next to me talking to me...so this could be reeeeally interesting.

Side note: Bethany dubbed herself the "distract-er" during our planning session. Probably explains the fried brain feeling and the two hours it took us to plan for less than a week of meals. Oy vey. (BUT I LOVE IT!)

Bethany bragged that Lily liked her best today. Lily was a little overwhelmed by the four new Rawleighs trying to bribe her to give them some love! So she went with the most familiar Rawleigh face, which happened to be Bethany...whenever I wasn't available. But she's warming up to them.

We made cheese pizza for dinner. It was simple and yummy.

Jesse got home a little early cause no one needed help from their Yellow Rope...everyone was eager to get out and go home for Christmas!

On the to-do list for tomorrow: Groceries at the Commissary, finishing up everyone's Christmas shopping, and maybe some family photos at the beach for Mom's Christmas cards. And a nap.

Definitely a nap...for me ;o)

Speaking of sleep, it's time for bed!

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