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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Next Big Announcement

In all the hullabaloo of having another kid I *may* have forgotten to mention that we're going to live where Martin Luther lived!

That's right, folks, Germany it is! Sembach Air Base, near the city of Kaiserlautern! I think it's somewhere in the southwest down there...but I haven't had much, uh, *time* to investigate things just yet! :o)

We found out in the middle of last week (you know, the part of the week I was in labor?) and it still hasn't really sunk in, yet. Germany...wow!

My initial saddest thought is obviously how far away from family this will put us...sniff. But I'm going to try not to dwell on that, nor am I going to even look at the price of plane tickets...at least not in my current postpartum, sleep deprived state ;o)

Instead I shall look on the bright side. There are so many exciting positives to this move! One thing I've noticed in talking to people who've been: NOT ONE person we've talked to was disappointed they were stationed there! (Even people who had wee ones at the time!) Everyone gushes about how great it is!

But currently, my favorite "bright side" to look at here is this: when you are PCSing (Permanent Change of Station -ing ...aka moving) outside the CONUS (continental US) there is no way that it's cheaper to do a DIY move...*meaning* we just *have* to use the government moving service...*meaning* this momma is NOT going to have to pack her house up all by herself again by March!!! Yay for movers!!! :o)

So yeah, Germany. Wow!

(And I know I seem like a blogging machine today, but it's only because I discovered it's easy to write drafts of blog posts on your iPod in the middle of the night during the 30 nursing sessions you have :o) so yeah, enjoy, but don't get used to the multiple-a-day postings!)


  1. YAY Germany!! It's gonna be such an awesome cultural experience. And I'm so happy to hear about the moving service - that. is. awesome. :D

  2. Yay! That's so exciting and I'm guessing a awesome experience to come! How long with you guys be stationed there?

  3. This is great news! I know God will be helping you through the transition...

  4. Hey, I know where this is. Corning has a plant in Kaiserslauten. Wish it was on the east side near the Czech boarder but no big deal, I'll get there. Love Dad

  5. 1. YAYAYAY!! You have a brand new adventure ahead of you!!
    2. My bff told me that all the people that she talked to (she lives in Watertown area so she knows a lot of servicemen and women) all want to be placed in Germany. TOTAL WIN!!
    3. Mike Rawleigh could have just given me an idea...Corning has a branch there? What's its specialty?? Jeremy and I have been talking about a change...
    4. How long will you live there?

  6. Dad, why the Czech boarder? Is that were you travel for Steuben now?

    Hil, a change? Good grief! Aren't you guys buying a new house? Won't Germany be a little far from Syracuse and Rochester? :o) But hey, I'd love you as a neighbor!

    We'll be there a min of 15 months and a max of 3 years (the rest of our enlistment.)

  7. Wow. How cool is that? I didn't realize it was so soon you'd be moving. I'm so happy you won't have to pack everything by yourself. What a blessing! And did I read somewhere on here that you would be visiting in March?

  8. And my "word verification" word was "turdis". It made me laugh.

  9. Turdis...haha...makes me think of all the baby turds I'm cleaning up these days! ;o)

    Yep, Jesse will graduate around mid-march and then he'll go work up at the recruiter's office for two weeks (it's paid time but cool cause you get to be home and visit everyone!). Then we're probably going to take a bit of leave so that we can make a mini-vacay out of it before we fly off to Germany.

    Crazy crazy craziness!