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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tree Day - German Style... or, Aiduk Style in Germany

We have our first German Christmas tree up!  It felt like a really long and tiring ordeal because the first two bases we checked didn't have trees for sale today.  And no, we didn't have to get a tree today... I just had my heart set on it because it was Jesse's last day off before a busy busy busy few days and I reeeeeeeally wanted to get a tree. 

Plus I had the monkey bread all ready!

Everyone knows what monkey bread is, right?  (Sugar covered dough balls covered in more sugar, butter, and cinnamon)  My Mommy always made it Christmas morning and I'm thinking of making it a "Tree Day" tradition for us.

As you can see, when you don't cook it thoroughly, the middle is kind of gooey and gross.  But if you eat the outside no one cares ;o)

But back to the tree.  And not being able to find one.  I may or may not have had a mini meltdown in the car because my Tree Day dreams were about to shatter... (I know, I overreact just a tad at times.  It's not like we couldn't go get a tree in three days or something.  But stay with me!) 

The meltdown went something like this, "Waaaaaa I miss America.... waaaaa... I just want to be somewhere where you can cut down a real live fresh tree like in NEW YORK WAAAAAA... waaaaa..."  

So we tried Globus.  But the trees were kind of funny looking... mostly short and stout and a little bald on top.  So we didn't even ask the prices.  We just got some euro from the ATM and hit up the little garden market that's right near Globus... same place we got our plants for the garden!

Not gonna lie... it is the most expensive Christmas tree in our four and a half years of marriage.  55 euro!  If you aren't in the mood to figure out the most recent euro-dollar conversion then just do like I do and add about 30%.  And then gag a little like Jesse. 

I know we could have gotten one cheaper if we were more patient (and by we I mean me!) but I really really wanted to go home with a tree after all the prep and dragging the girls out and hitting the commissary for groceries and driving to two bases looking for a tree place that was open and THEN a meltdown! 

Jesse's so good to me :o) 

And look!  I have a real chimney to hang our stockings on!  And I framed this fun little scrapbook page we decorated at MOPS.  That's about as far as my decorating goes ;o)  

I'm a happy, happy girl now.  We had our Tree Day... maybe not just like I planned, but we had it all the same :o)  We made some more fun family memories and we're all decorated for Christmas!  We even had Lily help us a little with decorating the tree (she ran the ornaments to me after Jesse put the hook on them).  We ate monkey bread and listened to Christmas music and enjoyed a cozy fire all evening! 

I love Christmas.  Thank you Jesus for bringing us a season like this that warms our hearts and coming for the Reason that changes our hearts. 


  1. haha okay so maybe you are a little over dramatic about the tree..but I understand the need for for holiday cheer around the house. I am feeling the need to do the same and fighting it with every ounce of me. Christmas cookies may be the only Christmas in my house this year but it's cool cuz I will def come over and partake in some of yours!! It looks great! Love the stockings hung by the chimney with care!! :)

  2. I COMPLETELY understand your meltdown. I get things set in my head and that's the way it's going to be or else! Glad you found one and got it up! Your house looks beautiful.. can't wait to see it next weekend! :)

  3. hehehe- monkey bread for the monkey! and Lilbear. so glad you guys had such fun setting up the tree...and the fireplace looks like a Christmas photo spot :)

  4. did Jesse have a meltdown after forking over $75 for a tree?

  5. Jen and Amber: Yeeeeah I need to chill out a bit. Some people take planning a little too far *coughmecough* and though I don't want to go to the other extreme (because NOTHING would get done in this crazy house!) I do need to be a bit more flexible.

    MIL: I'll be sure to take lots of Christmas photos in front of our fireplace and tree :o) I can't wait!

    DFILG: Yes. No just kidding... and he's *only* jokingly whined about it every five minutes for the past two days ;o) He's a champ.