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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stool Softener

You read that right. This post is about stool softener. Meaning I'm kind of talking about poo. And, as the stool softener in question was given to me, the implied poo also belongs to me...

Now that you know what you might be getting yourself into, read on if you dare! ;o)

This is how much they gave me upon leaving the hospital!

Good heavens!

As you're only supposed to take two a day, I'm super curious as to how the heckity heck they think I might need a years supply if this stuff? I would be a little concerned if I needed to be taking them *that* long!

That's all. I just thought it was funny...the quantity. Of pills, not poo. I wasn't really gonna talk about my poo! ;o)

But everything's coming out fine, by the way :o)


  1. LOL thanks for that last line. :D And I hesitated to ask you about perineal massage... Silly me. ;)
    Oh, and Arnot made me buy my own, and thankfully over-the-counter they only come in iiitty bitty bottles. They're kind of cute. :D

  2. No problem...just keepin' it real ;o) And hahaha cute?...cute poop pills...LOL

  3. Oh Emily! lol Yeah, after this pregnancy I needed those suckers! I took the natural stuff.. Smooth Move, haha! OK. We're officially gross.

  4. Anyone want me to mail my extras?? ;o)

  5. I call dibs!! LOL juust kidding... I actually have leftovers, too. So I sure bet you do! :D

  6. Ooooh yes. I only used about 4 of them! ;o)

    I had no idea how popular this post would be! Hehe