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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Week One

It's Thursday, so Sam's been alive seven days, right? (I always get confused on when to start the count...) Happy One Week Birthday to my littlest one! :o)

And helllllooooo spit-up. I forgot how you kind of show up suddenly and coat everything with a layer of your deliciousness for a few months. Phew. Like, everything...blankets, sheets, beds, shirts, nursing tanks, baby hats, baby faces and necks...yeah...last night was kind of rough.

This morning I am washing every. single. blanket. we have...because that's the kind of night it was last night! :o)

It was one of those nights where she nurses for forever, then sleeps for twenty minutes, then wakes up rooting again...then nurses for forever, then sleeps for twenty minutes, then wakes up rooting again...then nurses for forever...and Momma loses track of time...and when she is finally sleeping and I try to sneak downstairs to grab a quick snack for my hungry tummy I hear, not five minutes later, Jesse sending down a gentle mayday.

Peanut had spit up her biggest mess yet! EVERYTHING within a five mile radius was covered :o) or at least that's what it seemed like at 3:30am. So naturally, I melted into a puddle of tears. And then Jesse picked me back up and we tag-teamed the clean up. Trust me, it was a two person job!

But little Peanut was just looking at me the whole time with these thoughtful eyes, as if to say, "Sorry Momma, I just had an upset tummy. Don't be sad. You're the best. Can I have some more food? I love you!" This girl has a very thoughtful gaze. She likes to just look into your eyes...it's pretty cool. I don't remember LJ doing that as much...I mostly remember her scowling at me! ;o)

So we kissed and made up. Then she nursed again an hour later. Oh, and as I'm holding her I feel a sudden trickle of wet down my side and onto my pillowcase...coming from the direction of Peanut's hiney, NOT her mouth. Ick.

And so ends another night in paradise! :o) But the sun is shining and God is still good and the coffee was brewed correctly (read: I didn't forget the grounds like yesterday!) and it's gonna be OKAY! :o)


  1. Oh my gosh! Allie pukes on everything! I guess we're going out with a bang. Though "splash" is a better word. Nothing like the smell of rancid breast milk. Mmmmmm!

  2. Ew so true! And I love how I get covered (especially when it's right after a shower...yesssss), but I only have so many clean nursing tanks (and a not-so-reliable washer at the moment) so I just walk around most of the day smelling like puke. So sexy ;o)