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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why Natural?

I keep asking myself why I choose to give birth naturally. (More like, I KEPT asking myself while I was GIVING birth naturally!) I wanted to escape the pain...considered the epidural...was gonna let them break my water towards the end to "speed things up"...but I hesitated. I just felt "better" doing it without any intervention...Jesse and I were talking about it (in between getting rocked by contractions, of course!) and we both were more comfortable with just waiting it out and letting it run it's course.

Strike that...only *one* of us was more comfortable waiting it out...the *other* one was definitely NOT comfortable! :o)

Moving on...maybe I do it naturally cause I've never heard any horror stories about natural labor? No complications, no side effects, no problems...just a bit of pain. Quite a bit of pain...but I guess it's worth it to me. I know my body is capable of doing it without meds...

People act like I'm a hero. They assume I have this amazing pain tolerance...that I'm a beast or something. But that's definitely not true! I'm totally a pansy about pain! :o)

So why go through the pain of childbirth without any meds?

I guess I...just do. It's my mommy-choice. I feel strongly about it...which I think is an absolute MUST if you're going to do it.

And I don't look down on other momma's who don't go natural...cause I TOTALLY get why! It really does hurt!!!

Just some random musings.


  1. Thanks for sharing! People do act like you are a hero if you tell them you want to go naturally, or like you are completely crazy! It's definitely an awesome experience! Even though mine got interrupted I would do it all over again the same way!