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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cloth Diapers, Part 3

Part 3: How I wash the suckers

I store my dirty diapers (diapers, covers, liners, wipes, poop and all) in large zip lock baggies.  I find that this is cheap, easy, and keeps the smell contained well.

You can also use a nifty thing called a wet bag, which is basically a zip lock bag on pretty steroids :o)  It's obviously more expensive than plastic bags, but it's reusable because it's plastic lined fabric that can be washed right along with the diapers.   Some people also use large pails, trash cans, diaper genies, etc. that are lined with garbage bags or something.

**To keep your hands clean while taking a dirty diaper off, I recommend using the cover to hold it and sort of stuff it into the bag... then, if the cover isn't poopy, or doesn't smell like pee too bad ;o) you can reuse it with the next diaper!**

So you have your dirty diapers in the storing method of your choice.  I don't like to leave them longer than two or three days.  But again, with two in diapers I do a load a day or we'll start drowning in dirty diapers...or run out!

1. Start your washer on a cold cycle.  Dump your diapers in.  No detergent
2. Run them through a hot cycle WITH detergent.
3. Dry them either in the dryer or by hanging them.

There are only certain detergents that work well with diapers (more on that later).

I usually hang dry the covers and the rice liners to extend their life.  But I don't usually have the time or patience to hang diapers... though that would help them last longer.

Do they stain?  Sometimes.  But this doesn't bother me...they *are* for pooping in, after all.  If, however, it bothers you, my friend taught me a cool poop-stain removal trick.  Just hang the suckers out in the sun.  Sunshine bleaches the stains right out!  It's magical! :o)

And that's basically how you turn poopy, wet diapers into fresh, clean diapers...ready for another day of diapering your kid's hiney!

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