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Monday, January 3, 2011

Converted Sports Fan

I've never been an *actual* sports fan.  By actual I mean that I've never really cared, but I always watched the Cowboys cause that's my Dad's team (Hi Dad!  I love you!  But that's the only reason I ever watched them!).  And then I only watched the Patriots cause they're My Love's team.  So I think I would call myself a Copycat Sports Fan... I just go with the flow and cheer for whoever my favorite guy is cheering for! ;o)

But I have to say that this season I'm sort of getting interested in the games!  Maybe it's the fact that they're doing so good.  Or the new tv I got Jesse for his graduation present.  Or the fact that we actual paid for the NFL package and get to watch all the games from the comfort of our couch?  Anyways, I think I'm converted.
And so is Lily.  Side note - everyone should tell Jesse how cute LJ is when she's wearing a headband and that it's the only way to make a bald daughter in neutral clothes look like a girl! ;o)  Just sayin.
  Even Sam knows where it's at! ;o)



  1. I like how Sam looks like she has her thumb up.

  2. you guys look like the pats have been your team through and through! And note to son - LJ does look adorable in a headband :)
    I give you credit Jessica - after all these years I still can't wrap my brain or heart around football no matter who is playing or who likes it or what kind of tv or where i sit... you're my hero!

  3. Victoria - like I said, Sam knows where it's at! :o)

    And MIL - I didn't say I'm wrapping my brain around it! ;o) But I do enjoy sitting down next to My Love with a beer... especially when both babies are asleep!

  4. I like Sammy's bib the best!

    I also think Lily looks adorable in the headband - but don't tell Jesse I said so (cause he will dislike it more)

  5. here are my thoughts upon reading this post.
    "lily looks like a boy in this picture"
    "haha lily is wearing the headband, probably in an effort to make here not look like a boy"
    "haha jessica mentioned something about the headband and lily's bald boy-like appearance... nice"

  6. LOL Bethany! Yep. You got it! Unfortunately, I don't think hot pink leggins would work with that Pats shirt, either. So I guess she gets to look like a boy on Sundays, cause Jesse's still not a fan of the headband look... though I may sneak it in here and there! ;o)

  7. At first, I thought the headband was one of those ear warmer headbands. I didn't realize it was a headband until you spelled it out in the text. Lucia ALWAYS looks likes a boy, so I'll never judge a boy-looking baby girl! Have you tried to the thinner headbands, perhaps with a bow or small flower attached, as a way to girl-up your baby girl in a way that won't leave Jesse displeased? I do that with Lucia when I dress her in blue or green. Apparently, blue trumps dress in public because even when we've dressed Lucia in a blue or green dress she still gets mistaken for a little boy. I can't help myself though! She has those crazy blue eyes that pop even more when she wears blue! I totally understand your situation!

  8. Yeah, I love little headbands. But Jesse isn't a fan... even on me! ;o) Oh well, you can't win em all! One day my girl will have girl-hair and this will be a forgotten issue! ;o)

  9. that is until she wants to wear them =0!!!

  10. Well by then Daddy will be outnumbered because I'll teach both girls to give him the puppy eyes and he'll be a goner! ;o)