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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cloth Diapers, Part 6

Part 6: What you need and where to get it

Okay, if you're ready to take the cloth plunge (ha!) I can't recommend Jillian's Drawers enough.  But also check out amazon or see if you can find a local store that sells cloth diapers.  You may also want to consider gently used (not gross, really... we bought gently used covers for round one and you couldn't even tell!) to save yourself even more money!  (Jillian's Drawers sells gently used that aren't even stained... they're basically new, but cheaper!)

So here's my starting list:
-30 Infant (6-15lbs) prefolds (if you want to do two loads every other day or one a day)
-6 covers (some don't use this many, but I did and felt that it was a good number for us)
-15 big baby (15-30lbs) prefolds (one load every other day)
-4 covers
-A snappi, maybe two (one as a spare)
-Rice paper liners for when they have big kid poops that you want to flush
-Plastic baggies or a few wet bags (Some people use a pail.  Whatever works...just something to store them in when they're dirty)
-Spray bottle and cloth wipes
-"Approved" detergent and Sensi-Clean (or other stripping method)

This list is everything I'm using right now (with LJ at a year and SJ using the infant ones that LJ used).  So you don't need to buy the big baby diapers if you're only diapering an infant.  Or you can skip the infant if you only have a big kid! :o)

If you have two kids in diapers, you'll need to do laundry every day anyways, so you could go with less diapers (maybe only 15-20 newborn and 10 big baby?).

And that's that.

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