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Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Fun Facts

Fun Facts - Us

1.  Jesse:  Is one hard working Red Rope.  The guy has been putting in some mighty hard days.  Example - yesterday when he got home at 6pm I said, "Wow, you're home early!"  One upside to his long hours... he feels bad for me! ;o)  So he changed his mind and said I can stay for his graduation (yay!) even though we'd decided it'd be easier on him for me and the girls to head to Corning earlier.  He knows I wanted to see him graduate... what a guy.  I shall forgive him for falling asleep at 7pm the other night ;o)

2.  Me:  I really really really regret complaining to Jesse that my current ab workout wasn't challenging enough.  He hooked me up.  As in, I can hardly breathe today without wincing.  Ow.  Go-go strong core, bye-bye back pain... *fingers crossed*

3.  Lily:  Is wondering why the heck she didn't walk sooner, cause gosh, it's so fun!  We've recently been meeting up with some friends at the park (more pictures to come) and she's just loving it!  With thinking she can now walk everywhere also comes the budding of that classic toddler do-it-myself-ness... of course!  Goody! ;o) 

4.  Sam:  Is now wearing some 3-6 month clothes.  I know part of it is her big old cloth diaper butt... but it's still a little disconcerting to have clothes out that it *seems* Lily just stopped wearing.  And yes, I know, Lily is definitely a midget... and wore most of those clothes long after their tag said she should be "moving on to bigger things".  So it's not Sam's fault.  She's not growing any faster than normal, no matter *what* I think.  Upside - she can wear her Keesler shirt now!

Today's To-Do:

- Priority one, take both girls to the base to get passport id photos taken at one building and then trek across the base to another building to turn in the applications... preferably without losing our minds... or my mind...

- Priority two, take a run in the newly assembled jogging stroller that has perfectly inflated tires (thanks to My Love)

- Priority three, take a nap after losing my mind finishing priority one and giving up on priority two! :o)


  1. So... how do kid passports work? Cause I know ours last for 10 years... Sam will look completely different in like 3 weeks, let alone 10 years... ;) I'm just picturing Sam using her passport at age 9 and them trying to compare the pic. I just had a good chuckle.

  2. PS- Sam gets cuter each picture!

    PSS- Have you ever had Cranberry Bog wine? OH. MY. GOSH. I'm in love! That will be something we partake of in March, for sure!

  3. Yeah it's funny cause Misha and Sanna can practically share clothes, even though Misha is 10 and Sanna is 6. Of course, Misha is from southern China which is where the shortest/skinniest people in the world live but still...

  4. Nicole: Kid passports are only good for 5 years, but yeah, they don't require photo updates. So Sam will *only* be five years old when she's using her infant passport ;o) Oh, and wine... yum!

    Mattea: Um... I'm pretty sure Sanna is from the *tallest* and skinniest people I know! ;o)