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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Confession: I'm Not Nearly As Cool as I Make Myself Sound

So yesterday I read this blog post by Emily.  Go read it right this second... it's important for the rest of my post!  In the past few months, I've heard people say things that make me realize they think my blog is "my life"... that what they read and the pictures they see are "it".  And that I really do have it all together all the time... or something.

"But, the blog posts and the pictures are not the whole of the life she leads behind her computer screen. The reality is she’s a mom, and just like every other mom, has her good days and bad days, and the days where the dishes get left piled up in the sink and the toys are strewn about on the floor, and she yells at her kids, again." (Emily)

You see, on my blog I get to put our family's best foot forward!  I don't, generally speaking, think blog posts about my latest fight with my husband are that interesting.  You also probably don't want to read about the fact that I don't remember when my last shower was.  I doubt anyone would be inspired by an artsy photo of the boxed mac 'n cheese we ate for dinner the other day.  Or an up close and personal shot of the girls crusty noses (they're feeling better as of yesterday, by the way!).

If I don't want to, I don't have to tell you about the four loads of laundry that need to be folded and put away or the fact that the kitchen floor is really sticky but I doubt I'll get to mopping it today.  I don't have to tell you I had a meltdown yesterday over a bunch of stupid stuff.  I don't have to tell you that sometimes my life just feels really uninspiring so I quickly throw up a couple of cute photos of my girls and call it a "blog post".  (Though you have probably figured that trick out by now.) 

I blog for four main reasons.  But I don't blog about everything that happens in our life.  I like to share the funny, inspiring, "cool" things about my life.  All those other things are more what I would gripe about if we were having a cup of coffee in my messy living room, you know?  And since I don't get to sit down and have coffee with most of you (sniff!) very often... it means you get to see my "best foot" and usually nothing else!  I'm not trying to show off... but this is why I blog what I blog:

1.  To help my family on the east coast feel connected to our every day life.  I try to take pictures and blog every day.  It doesn't always happen.  And I still don't share everything that does happen.  But at least with once a day posts, I hope that my family can "check in" and feel my love for them.

2.  To share our Air Force experience.  Though this is not how I expected it to be... come to find out our Air Force life is not all that different from our civilian life.  Except that we live in Germany and have friends all over the world.  But still, for those out there curious about the military, this is our experience of it.

3.  To express creativity.  I used to consider myself an artsy person... back in high school when I actually drew and painted.  But I don't do that now.  Now I channel my artsy energy into our home life.  And sometimes I get excited about things (like my decorated Christmas cookies!) and I want to share it with others!  Being a stay at home Mom, you don't really get a lot of feedback on your creative energies... mostly because the recipients still poop in their pants.  Or eat Christmas cookies while playing a video game... meaning they pop it in their mouth without noticing (or admiring!) the cute scarf on the snowman! ;o)  So it's nice to have a blog where I can can grow in my writing and photography... and where I can share my love for homemaking.  If it inspires others, awesome.  If not, I don't care :o)  This is my blog and sometimes it's just for me!

4.  To encourage others.  I am so not supermom.  I'm not good at everything.  But I am good at some things... some things come easy to me and people get all impressed.  But God has blessed me in specific ways (just like he has for you!).  So I like to use this blog to share my ideas (many many many of which I stole from someone else) with the hopes that it encourages others like me to be the best wife, mom, friend, sister, daughter, etc that we can be!

So there you have it folks, if you think I'm really really cool it probably has more to do with the fact that all you see is the stuff that makes me look really really cool :o)  Also, I forbid you to fill the comment section with encouraging notes about how cool I actually am and now much you love me!  I'm not writing this to fish for compliments.

Speaking of comments, thanks for taking the time to write me about my posts... I appreciate each and every one.  And thanks for reading!

Speaking of reading, now is probably a good time to tell you I'm taking a little blog break for Christmas.  It doesn't take me that long to rattle off a blog post each day, but I'm going to replace "blog time" with "get ready for Christmas and have family fun" time.  Example: I'm going to fold that laundry, FINALLY play with the red and green playdough I made for Lily last week, and finish wrapping presents!  Oh, and lots of skyping with family!  If I find myself bored at some point I'm sure I'll throw a couple pictures up.  But don't expect anything till early next week.

May you all have a very merry and blessed Christmas! 


  1. so many things i'd like to say -
    I love you dil.
    and I appreciate your blogs and that you share so much of what you do.
    and tho, i'll miss daily reading, i hope you get the things done that you need to, and some of the things that you would like to...
    love you much
    missing you

  2. I think that first picture is the perfect example of a cool mom. Those are my FAVORITE times...especially when they won't last for very much longer.

  3. I have to say that I feel so much better about what I do/don't do now that I read this post and the one you recommended....it's great to know other moms go through the same stuff. Glad you're keepin it real :P

  4. I think you know me well enough to know that I will tell you when you are uncool, and you my friend, are not.

    This was great though and even though I am not a mom, I've felt like this more often than not about my blog posts. I love you and I hope you have a merry christmas!!

  5. Awww....I don't get on here that much, but I'm glad I read this one! Makes me recall how very much I enjoyed your transparency when you lived here! And...if you took that bottom photo - it is GORGEOUS!

  6. btw- anyone who knows you would not accurately be able to describe you as a "show off"...


    mil (posting as anonymous because otherwise every time i want to comment, i have to open google and its a pain....)

  7. oh and i particularly like the "lots of skyping with family" statement...how bout you Linder? ;)


  8. Thanks for sharing. I do like staying in touch with you when you are miles away. Glad there are moms who are willing to open everyday life up just a bit to show real life. Keep being real. Wish blogging was here years ago when I began stay-at-home mothering so connections could happen. Miss you. Merry Christmas!

  9. I'm just glad you blog regularly - - it's important to me to know if how you are doing from day to day (the good, the bad, and the ugly!)

    I think you are cool no matter what and I love you a whole bunch - - bumps and bruises and everything!

  10. You are an inspiring woman forging a path down the road less traveled. I am always excited to see the world through the eyes of a friend, a mother, an air force wife, and its encouraging to see a strong woman be genuine and real. Thanks lovely!!! Enjoy your time with family.... And may God bless you this holiday season! (:

  11. Aw so many great comments! Thanks for the love everyone! Merry Christmas!

  12. I hope this doesn't count as an "encouraging note about how cool I actually am and now much you love me..." But I'm gonna say it anyways. I love reading your blog because you're real! And because you do inspire me to live my own adventure! Also, I am gonna just say that you're cool, but I don't think you're cool just because of what you write in your blog, I think you're cool because I've thought you were cool since Junior High when you would take us out on cook outs in your Veggie Tales shirt, and you'd give us "Mac Attacks" before we went to sleep at night, give us boy talks, and encourage us to follow Jesus! And with that, Merry Christmas! Love you!

  13. That was so sweet Alana! Thanks! And Merry Christmas to you, too!