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Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Favorite Trees

Keesler Air Force Base has been given multiple awards for having beautiful trees on base.  It's something they're really proud of.  So much so, in fact, that they had to run an apology/explanation notice in the newspaper saying why they had to cut down a particularly large oak.  It was, uh, interfering with the runway :o)  
In a perfect world I'd have time to drive around base and get some cool pictures of the trees.  But this is not a perfect world so you'll have to deal with my so-so shots from the car driving down Beach Blvd.  The trees are similar on base.
I really  love how big they are.  And how old they seem.  Think of all the hurricanes they've withstood.  Notice all the vacant lots and Katrina-damaged buildings.  Some of the trees have seen better days, too, but they're still standing. 
Beautiful.  The pictures don't do them justice (sigh - story of my life!).  Anyone know what kind of trees they are?  I just love driving down the road looking up into them.  It's cool to see such giants right on the coastline... I'm used to east coast beaches where there's no tree to be seen... at least not up so close.  Makes me want to climb up in there and build a tree house! 


  1. Check out cypress. They sort of bend like that.

  2. Take a picture of a leaf. That will help us identify!

  3. Hehe... taking a picture up close would require me stopping the car at some point. Possible, but not likely with 8 weeks left till graduation. We'll see ;o)