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Friday, January 14, 2011


Seriously, I'm so thankful that Friday is here!  Not just for all the normal reasons (time with Jesse the obvious one) but also because we're going out tonight!  The Aiduk girls get to get all dolled up and hit the town with Daddy.  We're going out with all the Ropes to one of our favorite restaurants... though we're not quite sure *why* it's one of our favorites because we typically have bad service :o)  But the food is awesome... it's a local chain called Mugshots and has received awards for the best burger in Mississippi a whole bunch of times.

Confession:  I haven't actually tried a burger, yet :o)  Mostly, it's cause I have to share my food with a hungry baby bird named LJ and burgers aren't as easy to share as say, pastas or chicken fingers.  BUT the last time we went I decided to try the famous burgers and just get a side for LJ... but I got side-tracked by their portabella sandwich... and I LOVE portabellas, so I just couldn't resist.  And I'm going to have it again tonight! ;o)

And I'm going to wear my red heels.  Even though I'm going to a burger joint.  With a bunch of guys.  So far, both pictures I've taken of these shoes do not do them justice.  I need to work on my photography skills... mainly in the area of lighting methinks.  They really are red, I promise! 

Speaking of red.  The reason we're going out to Mugshots with the guys is because we're celebrating our friend's graduation.  He's kissing Keesler goodbye this coming week.  And he *happens* to be one of the two Red Ropes.  Which *happens* to mean there will be a vacancy.  Which *happens* to mean a Yellow Rope you all know and love will probably be seeing a promotion in the near future.

Which *happens* to mean I'm going to have to focus really hard on not hyperventilating over the upcoming increase in hours at the squadron.  Blech.  (eight more weeks-eight more weeks-eight more weeks-eight more weeks!)

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