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Friday, January 7, 2011

New Orleans

My family went to New Orleans last week.

I didn't feel quite up to braving a city trip with the babies just yet, so they went without us.  I wanted to selfishly keep them all home with me, but I'm glad they went.  Mostly for their sake, cause they had a ton of fun.  But also for my sake :o) because they came back loaded with helpful tips and good sites to see... and a map all marked out for me!

Because I'm definitely going to have to get over my hesitancy to hike around New Orleans with the girls... there's NO WAY we're leaving here without visiting once!  It's only an hour and a half away!
I still want to look into a few specific sights that we might want to hit, but my family checked out the French Quarter.  They saw the oldest cathedral in the States... which I definitely want to see since it's also my goal while in Europe to hit as many awesome cathedrals as possible.  (In my art history class in college I learned all about these beauties and only *dreamed* I'd get to see them someday!!)  

But back to New Orleans.  I want to go and I'm excited to go.  But I need to actually make a plan and... go!  Bethany's favorite part was the musicians playing throughout the city.  It sounds amazing!  We just have to go experience New Orleans before we leave here!

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  1. Maybe a trip with the Logues? I bet Cass would love to keep you company there~ wish i could be there to babywatch.hold.kiss.sit....