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Friday, January 7, 2011

Sucking It Up for the Greater Good

Yesterday Jesse had open ranks* after school.  Then they decided to have Airman Leader's Meeting at the last minute.

So Jesse didn't get home till 7pm.  And I cried.  It had been "one of those days" :o\ It didn't help that he was unexpectedly home at 4:30pm yesterday... and though I know never to expect such an early arrival home, I couldn't help but hope after the day we'd had.

So I cried.

And I (only half-jokingly) told him he should quit being a Rope... and wondered out loud if they'd "dishonorably discharge" him from his Airman Leader duties... and I cried.

(Don't worry, I felt better after a hug, a hot bath, and some adult conversation!)

And no, he's not quitting just cause I had a bad day.  Rats.

Being a Rope is hard on us at times.  Well, hard on me mostly :o)

He's volunteering at the squadron.  He's got some responsibilities, but he routinely goes beyond the bare minimum and stays extra to help out.  He's usually home between 5-6pm, occasionally later.  If he weren't a Rope he'd be home by 4pm.  Every. Day.  (Well, okay, I exaggerate.  Most days.)

But he wouldn't be learning valuable lessons about leadership in the military.  One day I hope to see him as an NCO (non commissioned officer) or even an officer... and there's no better time to start working on your leadership skills than tech school.  It looks good.  Shows you're serious.  Able to handle stress and balance extra responsibilities (i.e. school, Rope work at the squadron, family at home...)

And we know his (and my) sacrifices aren't going unnoticed.  We may not reap the benefits just yet, but it's definitely good for him to be a Rope.

So it's worth it.  It's a decision we made together.  And I'm glad we chose for him to do it.

*Open ranks is where you put your blues on and line up for an inspection on your ability to prep your military attire according to regulation.  If you fail enough times, they kick your butt to the curb.  Just kidding, I don't know what they do :o)  But I'm sure they aren't happy.  Good thing Jesse's got me to iron for him... nothing makes me feel like part of the team like ironing! ;o)


  1. Oh, love! I'm glad you were quick to focus on truth and continue to repeat it to yourself. Remember, the first few months are always the hardest. After that, psssh! Piece of cake! Well, not really, but with sleep, it *feels* like it. Phil. 4:7-9 God sees these days. He ordained them. And He will see you through them. I love you.

  2. Amen to Nicole. Right now these days feel like forever, yet, they DO NOT last. A friend used to repeat - "This is just a test, this is just a test..." (I think from "this is just a test of your emergency broadcast system"?) and somehow, remembering that tests are trying at the time but have a set duration, is helpful. Mostly, that He is in the test and has the grace, strength and help necessary for the test are encouraging. (and knowing He knows all the answers helps too!) Anyway, love your closing statement, "Good thing Jesse's got me to iron for him... nothing makes me feel like part of the team like ironing!" and would just add, Jesse's blessed to have you on his team, doing soooo much more than ironing, - you do make him look good! :)