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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Mix Up

11:05pm - We chuckle that we're getting Happy New Year texts from our family already.

11:38pm - The babies are both in bed.  Diapers are in the washer.  Drinks are in hand to toast to the New Year.

11:50pm - CNN is on.  We're ready to watch the ball drop in NYC.  They're live in Nashville...

11:56pm - Still live in Nashville.  Jesse starts laughing.  Loudly.  I'm confused.

11:58pm - He finishes explaining why we missed the ball drop.  Now I'm laughing, too!

12:00am - We watch the *guitar* drop in Nashville instead :o)  HAPPY NEW YEAR BABE!  Kiss kiss kiss.  More laughter.

This is what happens when you forget you don't live in the eastern time zone anymore! :o)  Even *after* you've congratulated family an hour "early" for ringing in 2011!

image 1 bluemumble.com
image 2 nyc-architecture.com
image 3 hardrock.com 
image 4 hubpages.com 


  1. That is awesome. I didn't understand at first. Happy New Years!

  2. *silly* - - but a fun part of your adventure!

    The TSA guy who checked Alex's boarding pass and ID actually asked him if we were going to NY to see the ball drop - - HELLO! geography people!