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Monday, January 31, 2011

To the Park We Go

Lily, Sam, and I have been meeting up with some friends at the park lately.

Lily is a huge fan of the park now that she can get down and walk around and play.

Dirty butt!

This is Bonnie.  Her son Landon is 3 and Nikolai is about 8 months.

They're from Kansas.

And they're really cool.  Both Bonnie and I are kicking ourselves for not getting together sooner and more often.  Sheesh... we live on the same street and everything! 

"Here Momma, have some dirt and wood chips!"

Loves them swings.

Note Sam in the moby.  She's such a good, happy, easy baby!

Silly Lily.

"Hi Nikolai!  How are things down there?"

And I thought Sam was a beefcake.  More on this in a minute :o)

"Hey Landon.  Am I ever gonna be big like you?"
"Don't count on it Shorty."


Bonnie rockin her cool Polaroid camera.  Did you know they stopped making the film?  She has to special order it.  Her camera is so fun!

And she's a lot of fun.  Cloth-diapering, boxed wine, and everything.  We're kindred spirits.  She teaches Landon about taking care of the environment and exercising so he says awesome things like "Why are they hurting the earth?" while he picks up trash at the playground and "I have to exercise to keep my body strong" while we walk back from the Post Office.  So cool!

She's going to Scott AFB in Illinois the week before we leave.  Did I mention I'm kicking myself that we haven't hung out sooner?  I think there's definitely another Air Force Wife Lesson in this...