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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Bridge

This is the Ocean Springs Bridge walk/run path.  It's the bridge we drive over every week to get to church.  Saturday early evening we took a run on it... sorry it was late evening by the time I got to the picture-taking ;o) 

Here are some pictures of the old bridge after Katrina, along with some shots of other Biloxi damage.  These aerial shots are scary.  (Note Highway 90.  We drive and walk and run down it all the time.) 

I'm such a beast.  And here are some pictures of the new bridge.  According to Wikipedia, the new Biloxi Bay Bridge only opened up in April 2008.  Until that point, people couldn't get directly from Ocean Springs to Biloxi.  (Which kind of stinks because they're only separated by about 2 miles of Biloxi's Back Bay.) 

It was a good run for me... though running with me isn't much of a challenge for "Mr. I'm in the Air Force and Too Fast For You".  But he's a good sport cause he knows how much I love family runs! :o) 

And anyone who's anyone knows it's always a good idea to eat a *super healthy* meal at Applebee's after you run ;o)


  1. Why..Jess...you sexy beast, you! ;) Jesse laying down waiting for you and the girls to catch up with him? ;) If you want to feel better (about your speed), when you visit, you could run the track with me at the Y. ;)

  2. Ha! No, he was definitely just waiting for me to finish snapping some photos "for the BLOG Babe!" He just loves that the blog is such an important part of our every. day. lives ;o)

  3. LOL Derrick was laughing at me tonight for taking pics on our date to post to facebook. ;)