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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Seriously, Kid?

I chose the pants, she chose the shoes ;o)

I just do as I'm told.  Then *try* to make her stand still for a stinkin' picture (way easier said than done, especially with my phone!)

And now it seems Dolly is supposed to wear Sissy's shoes.  

Can you say "shoe obsession"?


  1. hahahaha - the apple does NOT fall far from THAT tree - - "Shoes" was definitely one of your first words - and I'm quite sure that your sitter got sick of having you walk in the door and show her your shoes (new or old)! The only difference is that you wouldn't have owned those ruffly red shoes at that age! love you!

  2. hummm, like anyone else we know?
    apparently shoes take on a whole different importance when they are a means to an end :) like getting outdoors!
    the crocs are adorable

  3. Aw! LJ!!! You are too cute. I can't wait to see your cuteness in person. And I see you have your *ahem* Mom's sense of *style*. ;)