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Monday, February 7, 2011


Key Spouse:  Your contact person in your squadron.  They volunteer to help out by being the go-between for the other spouses.  Mine here at Keesler (well, there are more than one in my squadron, but the one I'm most familiar with) helped me find information, get connected with people, and answered some of the bazillion questions I had about Keesler and Air Force life.  Key Spouses ROCK!

BTZ:  Below The Zone.  Usually promotions in the Air Force enlisted track are based solely on time in.  But you can apply for BTZ to get E-4 early.  That's Senior Airman.  (Jesse is currently E-3, Airman First Class).  You apply for BTZ six months earlier than you would typically get the promotion to E-4, and they look at you with that "Airman as a whole" approach, so it's really important to be a well-rounded Airman.  Getting BTZ is a goal of Jesse's, and pursuing Airman Leader (ropes) is a big part of that.

AETC:  Air Education and Training Command.  Basically, all aspects of training Airmen.  More info.  General Edward A. Rice Jr. is the Commanding AETC General and he's visiting Keesler this week.  I get to meet his wife today!

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