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Monday, February 7, 2011

Me Love Weekends

Bethanne, Bonnie, Ashley, and Yours Truly ;o) 

Spa night was AMAZING!  They were mostly doing it for ladies who have spouses that are deployed, but they let about 15 of us students in as well.  Bethanne is the hero for telling us about it when she found out!  They had all these vendors donating their time and products... makeup, snacks, manicures, haircuts/styles, wine tasting, massages!  It was so cool and such a blessing.  I really admired all the work that went into it... and that my key spouse and others were giving up a Saturday night to volunteer... I just thought it was awesome!  I'm definitely going to volunteer to help with stuff like that in Sembach. 

My favorite part: a free 15 minute massage.  Note to self: warn the person that you are the world's most ticklish person ever ;o) 

Super Bowl Party was also AMAZING!  I didn't do an actual count, but I think we had about 20 people in and out.  A few other SepRat families... I got to meet a gal who will also be heading to Sembach soon.  They have a two-year-old girl who was so cute playing with LJ.  Mostly, we had a whole bunch of ropes and Jesse's friends from class.  It was great to meet them!  Oh, interesting to note... we think Lily is a nervous pooper!  She tends to um... have issues in her diaper when confronted with a new situation (i.e. family visiting, people partying at the house, etc.).  This is a decidedly unhelpful thing for an Air Force baby.  Hopefully she gets used to it soon! :o)

My favorite part: the fact that every time the commercials came on a hush fell over the otherwise noisy crowd!  Note to self: 12 quarts of chili is probably overdoing it *even if* you think you might be feeding an army! ;o)  


  1. That sounds like a GREAT weekend! So glad you guys had fun. And poor LJ...I had a sociology prof who called that "worry poop!" I will definitely be praying for her and your fam in the upcoming transitions!

  2. Cute pic! Glad you had a great weekend. My Super Bowl was interesting. Nicole will attest to that! The kids were CRAZY leading up to bed time. 20 minutes after I get them to bed, Josh pukes. So, I put Allie down, clean Josh and his bed up. I thought it was just a random-puking-after-having-cookie incident, so I sent him back to bed. 20 minutes after that... more puke. :( So, off to the couch for Josh and I! Poor little guy looked terrible! I thought at around 2am (he was sleeping) we were in the clear! I wake up from a groggy nap to find Derrick running into the girls room because Tasha had puked. And there went any hope of sleep. My poor babies. Derrick also succumbed to the virus around 6am.