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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Life is Rough

You can't always get what you want Lily... especially when you want to go back outside after we narrowly avoided getting rained on during our short run.  

I know, I know.  It so fun to go outside...

Maybe the rain will go away and we can go out to the park later... poor kid, right?  Middle of winter and she has to stay *cooped up* indoors! ;o)  She just doesn't know how lucky she has it... as in she doesn't have to sit inside for most of 5 months.  Right, New York?  I think it's a good day for comfy sweats and an extra cup of coffee... even if the sun is coming back out ;o)  Enjoy your snow day friends!


  1. poor kid - well, Lily if you were in NY already, you'd be up to your waist in snow! Which can be fun, but also COLD!

  2. awww lily!!
    I will come visit you and we'll sneak outside and get away from mom and play in the rain ;)
    yeah...i'd take rain over snow anyday! :P Sounds like you're handling it very well Jess nonetheless :P and yeahhhh its snowing buckets here
    miss ya jess...you too lily ;)

  3. ah how cute is that
    Lily has gotten sooo big!!!
    miss you!

  4. It's crazy when you say (or write) it- 5 months. We spend about 5 months only being out doors to walk to our cars. Poor kids. *Almost* makes me want to move south. *Almost*.

  5. If Lily likes outside this much maybe one of her first words will be 'ow-side' like TJ's was.

  6. aww- breakin' my heart :(
    how long before she realized it might be good to find something else to do?
    (glad you got a run in:)

  7. Steph I was totally thinking the same thing! And Toni, she was moving on a few minutes after the photo shoot ;o)

  8. i was just tying to get a feel for her stubbornness level er...cough...sputter... that is her level of tenacity! ;)