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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Name that Abbreviation

FMRC:  Family Member Relocation Clearance
A fun list of paperwork and doctors appointments that we're up to our eyeballs in right now.

TMO:  Traffic Management Office
A fun place Jesse's been visiting lately to determine the exact details of our move.  Mainly, are they going to pay for our travel expenses during leave?  What port can we ship our car from?  When do we get in touch with the movers?  Which stuff should go in which shipment?  Etc.

PCM:  Primary Care Manager
The doctor that Tricare (our medical) assigns to each dependent (me, the girls).  This is the person(s) who will sign our paperwork after doing a physical and chart review saying we're fit as a fiddle and ready for flight.

Not abbreviations, but still need defining:

Short Sheet:  The initial Air Force to-do list for a PCS move.  Our FMRC paperwork is part of this.

Fifteen Prior:  A person who has fifteen days left on base before their move.  Crunch time.

Night Prior:  Someone who's leaving the next day.  Bye bye time. 

Yesterday I spent a good amount of time on the phone getting information on our paperwork requirements as well as a dental appointment for myself, plus doctor appointments for all three of us.  (Side note: it *appears* that they aren't going to make a stink about the girls not being "up to date" on their shots :o) but that's not official, just what we're guessing based on a conversation with a nurse.)

Jesse didn't get home last night till after seven.  42 days till graduation and vacation... when I get to see my Red Rope on a regular basis :o) 


  1. hows the paper work coming along?
    its so hard to believe time is passing so quickly...

  2. It's coming. I've finished my to-do list of paperwork for this week... hopefully we'll be able to tackle the next batch soon (after we all get medical clearance).