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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Party Prep

Like my new stock pot?  So big!  So BLUE!  And it is my first ever stock pot with a lid!  (A huge plus!)  So let the chicken stock and triple batches of chili commence! 

Super Bowl party on Sunday.  What else would The Man want besides chili?  Oh, he's letting me shake things up a bit with some dips - spinach-artichoke and buffalo chicken!  Mmmm! 

So the chili is done, the laundry is done (though not folded), and the girls are in their jammies.  We're off pretty soon to go watch Inception at Bonnie and Andrew's.  I'm pretty excited about this because the first time I watched it my 2-week-old kept distracting me.  I'm hoping that now that she's two months old she'll be less annoying :o)


  1. I'm coveting your stock pot...where did you find it? And in such a cool color!

  2. Target.com! It's stainless steel and enamel.

  3. I want that! *done in the ladies voice from Napoleon Dynamite*