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Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter in the South

Believe it or not, we actually *have* been having some "wintry" weather around here!

I mean, sheesh, I can *only* let Lily play outside for ten minutes before her little hands get all cold! ;o)

And the poor girl has to get *all* bundled up in her bubble vest!

Aren't these little crocks the cutest?

Really, though, it's been rainy and yucky the past two days.  These pics are from Tuesday I think... and we actually saw SLEET down here Tuesday afternoon!

Poor me, actually.  Not only have I been unable to get out for a run, but I've had Little Miss Whiny Hiney bringing me her shoes every five seconds cause she wants to go outside! :o)  But that's okay, today's a Down Friday so we have Daddy home and we're gonna take it easy and probably just go to the Commissary for some groceries... maybe Starbucks for some coffee... maybe a friend's house for a movie tonight... or maybe just chill at home!  The possibilities are endless! 


  1. All your recent posts have been very good Jessica...especially the trip to the dentists office! lol

    I had a similar experience because when I got my x-ray done to get braces, they forgot to tell me to take my barrette out so I had this weird looking wavy shape stuck to my brain!