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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Red Rope Benefits

So apparently there *are* some benefits to having your husband be a Red Rope! ;o)

For my dentist appointment last Thursday morning, his MTL let him stay home so that I could go sans children!  Which meant that a) Jesse got to sleep in and b) I got to relax knowing my girls were home with their Daddy, napping at the right times in their own beds, and getting a bottle from him in the event that I didn't get back in time.

AND for the next benefit of my husband being a Red Rope:  Today I got to go with a few gals and meet a four-star general's wife!  There were only two wives from our squadron going... so I feel quite honored.  And it's made possible, again, by Jesse's hard work.  His MTLs give him privileges because of all he does for the squadron.  So when he put my name in to go, it was pretty much guaranteed.  AND his MTL let him come home from school early to watch the girls... again!

But anyways... Mrs. Rice!  WOW.  Her husband, General Rice, is the AETC Commander.  Together, they are visiting all the training bases to get a feel for how things are going and how they may need to be improved.  It's quite a big deal to get to meet her... there are only nine four-star generals in the Air Force so I don't anticipate the opportunity to meet their wives very often!  And it was a crazy to be sitting down with about ten other student spouses just talking with her about our experiences.  I was more nervous than I've been in awhile!  I didn't share a whole lot... but hopefully that's okay! ;o)

She was amazing.  So sweet, so easy to talk to.  So gracious.  She was also very encouraging.  Hearing her talk about getting involved and her experiences made me excited to get to Sembach and jump right in!

I also got to see and talk to Keri Mueller again... the general's wife who I met at Heartlink.  Her husband is our base commander.  I was flattered that she recognized me!  She asked about Sam (my lack of a belly gave away that I'd had another baby since she saw me last!) and told me that Germany is awesome!  (Of course... that's what everyone tells us!)

Whew.  What a crazy afternoon!  And speaking of Red Ropes... it's been a lovely birthday evening with my Birthday Boy.  Nothing special... unless you count a week night together where he's not falling asleep on you as special... which I totally do! :o) 

Happy 25th Babe!  You old fart!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!


  1. I went thru a box in the garage and found my green rope, yellow rope and red rope from when I went to Aircraft Mechanic school at Chanute AFB. Rantoul Illinois in 1973. Brought back a bunch of fond memories. Life was good as a Red Rope.
    Thank you and your husband for your service to our country.
    Doug Fleming (Tsgt) USAF 1973-1979.

    1. Well thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! I love that you still have your ropes! We gave ours to my Mother-in-law as a tech school souvenir cause she saves everything... I'm sure it will be fun someday to reminisce. Thank YOU for your service as well!