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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

PCS Update and Today's Mission

Road Trip, originally uploaded by brianwolk.
PCS Update: We have some rough travel plans outlined. But, as always with the Air Force ;o) everything is subject to change! What we think thus far is that we'll be heading out Thursday, March 17th by car. We found out that they don't have to pay for our travel arrangements to Corning because RAP is optional... as is our trip to Cape Cod after that. So, as we're too cheap to pay for our own plane tickets :o) we will be taking a family road trip up the east coast! WOO HOO! Not.

Wish us luck trying to fit even the bare minimum gear for two babies in and on top of our car!  And I thought it was hard traveling light to San Antonio with just Lily!  This should be interesting!

And it looks like after our two weeks in Corning and two weeks in Wareham we'll be driving down to Baltimore where our car will be shipped overseas (there are only certain ports we can use) and then possibly flying out of Baltimore to GERMANY!!!

Today's Mission: One Momma. One car. Two babies. Two errands in Gulfport in the morning and two doctor's appointments in the afternoon. Think I can do it? We shall see! :o)

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