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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Six Reasons LJ and SJ Rock

1.  They like each other already.  Lily helps rock Sissy.  Sam stares.  It's a wonderful relationship. 

2.  They're flexible.  And I mean FLEXIBLE.  They must get it from their Daddy because I'm a schedule-nazi-freak and he's definitely more go-with-the-flow.  The Air Force is helping me be more relaxed and him be more organized, but our girls are the best at being balanced!

Example one: yesterday afternoon while Jesse was babysitting they completely understood that they needed to be nice to Daddy... even though he didn't notice the nice note Momma left telling him a) when LJ needed to nap and b) when SJ needed a bottle.  Both important events were very late.  Both girls were very much fine with this :o)

Example two: this morning, after feeding and changing diapers, I packed them both in the car.  We dropped my sewing machine off for a repair estimate, hit Walmart to exchange and pick up a few things, and stopped by a hardware store for Fels Naptha soap.  Then we came home and they both napped after a quick lunch.  And I had to wake them up so we could hoof it over to the hospital for their appointments.  TWO HOURS LATER, we made it home for a late late afternoon nap.

The only Aiduk who seemed the least bit stressed by this psycho day was me!

3.  They both get called boys.  Poor girls.  But everyone likes their eyes.  I think they have the same eyes... Jesse's eyes... what do you think?  They definitely both have his moo-cow lashes!

4.  SJ has been sleeping through the night lately.  I don't know if it's for keeps, but I'm feeling more and more like a human every day!  Nice baby.  Nice, nice baby!

5.  LJ can walk.  As in, she can walk when it's helpful for her to walk... like when I don't feel like carrying Sam in the car seat AND Lily on my hip out to the car, I can say "let's go outside!" and the kid practically runs to the door and then toddles after me to the car!  LOVE IT!

6.  They're mine.  Besides Jesus and Jesse, they're the best thing that's ever happened to me!


  1. hmmm . . . wondering if they have Fels Naptha soap in Germany (where is that stuff made) . . . because you wouldn't want to cause an international incident by trying to carry it on the plane to Germany (especially enough for a year and a half (or more) worth of laundry!).

  2. Well. I don't know all the answers to those thoughts. But I *did* buy 24 bars ;o) Should last me long enough to a) figure out if I can get some locally or b) place another online order.