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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Beefcake weighed in at a whopping 12 lbs...

And Peanut at a measly 18 lbs!

Uh, yeah.  I think my Mom might be right... I just may have two girls sharing clothes next year!  Sam tops the charts for weight and height (I already had to adjust the shoulder straps in her car seat cause she's getting so long!) and Lily is off the bottom of the charts.  I'm trying to figure out a way for LJ to be able to wear jeans with disposable diapers... they fall right down unless she's wearing a cloth diaper... and we're definitely not going to be able to use cloth on our travels.  

Oh, and they're wearing the same size socks.  

Oy veh!


  1. hmm . . . how about putting 2 disposable diapers on Miss Tiny Hiney? One the normal size and one in the next size bigger! That *might* keep her jeans up (and you would be able to re-use the bigger sized ones since they wouldn't be getting dirty).

    You would never know by looking at her that the 'Peanut' eats as much as an average adult at every meal!!!

    . . . if you think Sammy's big, wait till you meet Dean Bieser! I love that boy's cheeks!

  2. Great pics Jess! Titus is catching up to Lily, at least in weight ;o) I'm glad your doc appts went well!

  3. Beefcake indeed! Allie (I decided I'll use "Allie" and Derrick will use "Ali" and then she'll decide later lol) is 13 1/2 pounds! And I think Dean is the same size at Allie. :) And I'm still in shock at how tiny Lily is after seeing her eat! Sheesh! But hey, that's cool about the clothes. My cousins two girls are a year apart and they share every thing. Glad they are doing well!

    And the top that Lily is wearing was from my Mom. I love the memories that come by seeing the clothes. That one in particular reminds me of walking to Peaches n' Cream while pushing Natalie in DJ's bike thingy.

  4. For Lily's dinner tonight she ate a whole adult sized bowl of chili and rice as well as a whole banana. SHE'S NUTS!

  5. I LOVE that first picture of Sam...I laugh every time I look at it. And Lily must have a killer metabolism...a whole bowl of chili and rice AND a banana?!?! Lucky girl! If I could burn it off that well, I'd be eating a whole pan of brownies every night :P

  6. Yeah... she eats like a chunk but doesn't show it one bit!