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Thursday, February 17, 2011

To-Do This Weekend

Today:  I get to meet my new friend Cori. She's the wife of the other Red Rope in our squadron (Joe Dills). She still lives up in Ohio but she's visiting for the long weekend. So she's coming over to hang out here a little this morning and then we're going to go meet up with the guys for lunch at school. Then we'll let Lily nap before heading back to the squadron to watch the guys march back from school... I'm kind of excited about this, actually, since I've never seen it before and Jesse will be leading them!

Tomorrow:  There's another Drill Down in the morning! And in the evening Bethanne and Adam are watching the girls so we can go out for dinner with Cori and Joe and a bunch of other people.

Saturday:   Jewelry party at night! I may not have many gals show up, but it'll still be fun... I made Oreo truffles today. I renamed them truffles because it sounds better :o) Making them made me think of Bethany (Hi Sis!!!)

Sunday:  After church we're watching the Kobularcik's kids cause it's their turn to go out!

Monday:  We're probably sleeping all day to RECOVER FROM THIS WEEKEND! :o)  Oh wait, I can't sleep all day... I have two babies!  Oh well... at least we have nothing *planned* for Monday!  Maybe I'll make Jesse take us for a family run! ;o)


  1. ha! You will need your own tag for the "Oreo Balls"... or truffles. ;) Lia Sophia?

  2. The beginning of this post reminds me of when you were like 6 and absolutely everyone you met instantly became your friend! I love you, girl! come home sooooooon!

  3. Mom, your comment gave me a great idea for a post! ;o)