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Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo Shoot

So Bethanne and I tried to do a sister photo shoot and it turned into a little bit of a fiasco :o)  But I'm impressed... she actually got some good shots!  (PS:  Bethanne has a sweet camera and she's a rockin' photographer, in case I forgot to mention!) 

This face pretty much captures how she was feeling about it.  And Sam was alternating between spitting up and crying.  So we finally just gave up and decided we'd try again another day.

But I'm in love with this one and perfectly happy if this is all I end up with.  My favorite part?  (Besides the matching shirts and awesome composition!) 

They're both looking at me :o) 


  1. That is my favorite too . . . I'm gonna send it to Egohr (she'll love that they are on the blanket she made) . . .

    In the first couple of photos, I can almost hear Lily whining . . . she's SO funny!