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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Twenty Days Till Graduation!

In honor of it being the official twenty day countdown, Jesse is going before the Airman of the Month Board at 4pm (5 for most of y'all if you want to send a prayer his way!).  And I am taking the girls to run a few errands in the morning and then hit one last doctor's appointment in the afternoon... we're getting our official medical clearance for overseas today.  Which means Jesse can get his orders.  Which means we can get started on the final to-do list. 

Which means it won't be long before this little girl will be taking her first real road trip with Momma and Daddy!


  1. Then you come to Corning?! :D I'm. SOOOOOOOOO. Excited. So is Natalie. lol She sees the girls on the blog and says "Can't wait to hug Jexca's babies." She calls LJ "the one with the chocolate chip". ;)

  2. Yep, Corning first, then Cape. I love that she calls LJ that! So cute!