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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Thoughts for All Y'all

"Yes, Ma'am"

"Thank you, Sir"

Sir and Ma'am are now a regular part of my vocabulary.  I'm not sure whether I should blame the Air Force or Southern Mississippi.  But I actually like it. 

It just feels so polite and well mannered :o) 


  1. I remember once I was at a hair salon and a guy said, "yes ma'am". To which the older woman replied, "you are either from the south or you were in the armed forces, because no one talks like that here". He smiled and said he was in the army. That has always stuck with me, I don't know why but I liked that little exchange.

  2. Also, I was just with amanda in Virginia and had to tell her the "what book???" story... I also heard lots and lots of y'alls, ate at chik-fil-a, and was offered sweet tea at every house that I stepped in to :)

  3. Do you even like sweet tea? (And sweat tea is being said in my best southern accent right now... as is "what book") And I agree with your feelings about the yes ma'am story... it's cool. I used to feel weird when people yes ma'am-ed me, and I always said it sarcastically... but I really say it for real now! And I miss you, ps.