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Friday, March 25, 2011

Girl Dates

Last night I met Em and Nicole for some delicious appetizers at The Gaffer.  
I've. Missed. You. Girls!

And today Hilary and I had some rockin' paninis, soup, and lattes at Heavenly Cup.
I've. Missed. You. Girl! 


  1. Jess- you look amazing!!!!!!

  2. Doesn't she though? :)

    And I know I've said it *feels* like you're 'here' because of the blog, but I lied. While I may know what you're having for dinner, when Lily has a bad diaper rash, and that you try to look hot for your husband, it in, no way, replaces being around you. Thanks so much for getting together with us. I miss you. I love you, friend. And thanks for updating the blog. It's awesome. :)

  3. Thanks girls! And you're welcome!

  4. Miss you back! So excited for your next adventure!!