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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Snow Really is So So Pretty

 There's nothing like a snow-covered Market Street.  

 And no, it can't possibly have *anything* to do with the fact that I haven't had to deal with it for the whole winter! ;o)  I had to scrape my car off for the first time in a year this morning...

Come on!  They still have the twinkle lights up!  And with the snow... it's magical!  
I love the fact that we got to experience one last storm here...

There.  I said it.


  1. Well, I agree . . . it [was] pretty for a couple of hours yesterday morning. However, I think it's pretty funny that I *told* you this was going to happen while you were still in Mississippi and you didn't believe me (to the point of almost not packing your winter coat).

    By the way - - you are treading on very thin ice around here by being *happy* about this snow storm! But I love you anyhow!

  2. Who says it's our last snow storm? :p

  3. Shut your face Brother! I don't like the white stuff THAT much!

  4. We always get one last beautiful taste of winter. Then it all melts off and we get to move into spring. God just let it snow one last time so The Aiduks could walk away with fond memories of how beautiful winter can be. We'll see flowers again soon.