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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Going Out With A Bang

A few disclaimers before I begin my tornado story:

1.  To the Grandmas - both of your granddaughters are safe.  As am I.  As is Jesse, I am sure... there are no windows in his schoolhouse (which I find a bit ironic for a weather training complex, don't you think?).

2.  During a certain part of this story you may get concerned that I value naptime more than life.  Don't judge me.  I have two babies, people!  Naptime is sacred around here! ;o) 

3.  I'm still not really sure if there was an actual tornado in Biloxi or not.  I'm sure I'll get the whole story later.  Some people are saying that there was one sighted in Gulfport (20 mins away) and some said one touched down just under ten miles from here!  And I guess most of Biloxi has lost power.  But I think the tornado watch is over... we still have flash flood warnings and river flood warnings all along the coast.  I read on one Harrison County site that even pickup trucks can be washed away in two feet of running water... they said, "Turn around and don't drown."  Catchy. 

Oh and I also need to note that we have an emergency alert system here in military housing.  It's a big huge loud speaker in the middle of the neighborhood up on a huge pole.  But I can never hear it.  All I hear is blah blah blah wa waa waaa beeeeeeeeep and stuff like that.  I have mentioned this to Bethanne, and for that I am very thankful!  Her house is closer to the speaker so she usually hears the actual announcements.

Now for my story!  You may have noticed on facebook that my status this morning mentioned how nice and cozy the thunderstorm was.  This was about ten minutes before, while piddling around online, I decided the storm was bad enough that I should go get Lily so she wouldn't get scared.  So we went and snuggled in my bed to enjoy what I *thought* was just going to be a nice thunderstorm. 

Then I heard the loudspeaker announcing *something*.  But I ignored it.  Then I heard a text from my phone downstairs (why do I keep leaving my phone where I can't get to it easily??).  But I ignored that, too.  Then I hear someone trying to call me on my phone... downstairs... which... I still ignored. 

Okay okay I know.  I should have checked right away.  It wasn't till about ten minutes later that I hear from the loudspeaker, "blah blah blaaaah waaa wa wa TORNADO blah blaaaah TAKE SHELTER IMMEDIATELY blah blaaaah beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep..."  Great.  So I grab Lily and scurry downstairs to see a text from Bethanne and a call from Bonnie. 

Smart girls.  They know I'm a dummy ;o)

Bethanne said she knew I couldn't usually hear the loudspeaker so she told me they said there was a tornado warning and we should shelter somewhere safe.

Enter the crazy-mommy dilemma:  I'm downstairs with LJ, who is going to need breakfast soon.  SJ is upstairs sleeping.  Sleeping soundly.  Sleeping peacefully.  I know the safest place to be is in the laundry room.  It's looking rather threatening out there, but it just seems like a really bad storm so... is it really worth getting her up if... BOOM!  CRACK!  Yikes... okay okay I'm going!  (I'm pretty sure God was telling me to GET MY BABIES SOMEWHERE SAFE NOOOOOOW!)

Now please enjoy a good laugh as you picture me running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  I ran upstairs with LJ to grab SJ and a burp cloth... then back down to grab two bananas... then to the laundry room.  As I'm doing this I can see that it's getting awfully creepy looking outside.  Sam is wondering what the heck is going on.  I scurry back out to grab a blanket for SJ (just in case we're in there long enough that I need to get her back to sleep) and some toys for Lil. 

I get back in the room and sit down against the wall just in time to feel the house shudder and shake.  Well okay then, I guess they weren't kidding! 

We spent the next twenty minutes munching on bananas listening to the thunder and hearing some mighty strong wind.  About the time SJ started screaming was when I hear "waa wa waaaa blah blah blaaaaah beeeeeep..." and then shortly after a text from Bethanne telling me the coast was clear. 

Whew.  We made it ;o) 

Our hideout.  Not pictured: the banana peels on the dryer and the dirt in the corners... I didn't realize that the floor in there would need to be play-worthy! ;o) 

Our side yard.  Not pictured: my recycling... three boxes of cardboard that is now completely soaked.  I wonder if they're still going to take it?

I know girl, it's very confusing that Momma opened the front door but did not put your shoes on.  No.  No we are not going outside right now ;o) 

I don't know if you can really tell how bad it is... but this river is usually just a meandering little stream.  With alligators in it. 

Well that's all I got folks!  Nothing like a tornado warning to start the day off right.  Now I'm off to turn my hold baggage list into a hold baggage pile. 


  1. I saw the bad weather they were having in Louisiana on Sunday while eating at Atlas. Mm. Atlas. Anyways... I was wondering if it would head your way. Glad you are all safe! Stay that way, OK?! :)

  2. Seriously? What is wrong with me?! I blame Derrick for never signing out of his e-mail. Again, that above comment is mine. :)

  3. *dislike* (both the tornado story and the picture of the raging river behind your house) - - come home sooner!!!!

  4. What an adventure! Super thankful every is okay. Give those girls a kiss for me :)

  5. *Kisses given*

    Nicole, I'm basically assuming (since D never comments here really) that it'll be you no matter which user name you post from ;o)

    And I want me some ATLAS!

  6. How crazy intense! I am glad all are safe.