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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Kobularciks are off to Kansas

Last night we hung out for the last time (sniff sniff) all together with Bonnie and Andrew.  He's graduating this morning (yay for him!) and then taking his lovely wife and cute boys back to Kansas to see family and then to their new base in Illinois.  (Boo for us.)

Though, to be fair to them, it's not like things would be much fun here in Biloxi in about two months... by which time both the Aiduks and the Ives will be in Germany.  So I guess they're gettin out while they can! ;o)

Which means that this crazy crew of kiddos will not be having a play date together anytime soon!  But it was sure fun while it lasted! 

Blessings to you guys as you travel and start out fresh at Scott!  We're gonna miss you!


  1. So you and the Ives are going to be in Germany at the same time? Is it only one base, so does that mean you'll have friends when you get there? I hope so because that sounds like a wonderful way to spend an adventure.

  2. There are multiple bases in Germany but we're going to be at the same one... so yes, I will have a good friend in Germany about four weeks after I get there! :o) I was so excited/relieved when I found out!